Cliff, the lanyards look great! Thanks for all your help with this project. - E.N. - University


Cliff, the pet bag dispensers came out great! We are very grateful for everything you've done to develop our promotional bags in such a short time frame. Thank you so much! - L.J. - University


Cliff, just got the awards – they are gorgeous!  I just opened one and it’s perfect. Even the packaging/box is beautiful!  Thanks for always delivered high-quality work! - W.V.  Community Outreach


Cliff - The demo video is great! Your thoroughness really is unparalleled to any other promo vendor I’ve worked with so far. It still is such a wonder why we hadn’t found you sooner. You are definitely the first I’ll consider with these items moving forward. Thank you for the great customer service – can’t wait for the tags! V.G. - International Programs


Hi, Cliff  The kits with the tumblers were loved and the customized cookie cans were highly complimented. We appreciate your patience and all your hard work.

When we do something similar in the future we’ll be sure to reach out! - HA - University Foundation


Cliff, The masks are FANTASTIC - we couldn't be happier. Thanks again for the rush job! - Gwen - Pharma IT Dept

Hi, Cliff, I just wanted to say thank you, again, for all your help with the cooling towels last week! Pleasure working with you. Best, Stephanie - PR Agency

Cliff, Everything came out perfect and it all looks great.  I especially like the royal blue fabric you used for the tablecloths as it is much more striking than our current tablecloth in navy blue.  And the magnets are adorable! Thanks for all of your time and effort on this project.  I will be in touch in the future when we need more supplies. - Laura - College Hospitality Dept

Hey Cliff, Just wanted to let you know the pens came in and look great. Thank you so much for turning this around so quickly. Really appreciate it. - Lori - IT Services

I appreciate you following up with me. The chargers are great and everyone really LOVES them. They truly are excellent quality and look phenomenal. - Brittany - University Director

The bags turned out very nice and we're well received!  Thank you for your help!!! - Kasey - Mall Marketing Director

Thanks for your follow up.  The phone wallets were here when I returned from a trip last night, and I was so excited!  They look fantastic…even better than I thought they would.  The logo came out perfectly! It has been a pleasure to work with you.  Please feel free to use me as a reference, should you need to add someone to your list! - Donna - Recruiter

The sunglasses are here!!!! Thank you for making this so easy for us. Thank you for understanding our time constrain and for making it happen! You are awesome I will continue to refer you all the clients in the world. I look forward to doing more business with you! - Beatriz - Digital Content Producer

Cliff- Thank you so much for our company Polo shirts. Everyone wears them every Friday. It really helps promote unity in our company. We hope to get some more at the end of the year!!!! - Jessica - Financial Management Company

The bottled water came out just perfect- thanks!!! - Andrea - Mall Marketing

Thanks for following up. I saw the shirts at the event on Tuesday night and they turned out great. The kids looked so professional and grown up! Thanks for working to make this project a success. Rachel - PR Agency

A man of his word. Great service. Prompt delivery. Love the products! V.H. - Arts Academy

The manicure sets and chargers look great.  Thank you. Leslie - Mall Marketing

I LOVE THE TABLECLOTHS!!!!  Thanks! L.S. - University

Yes, we got the headbands around 1pm. They look really great! S.H. - Asset Management Co

The chocolate butterflies arrived last Friday. They are gorgeous. Everyone at the luncheon is going to appreciate their special gifts. Thank you so much for helping me order them. Sharon - Charitable Foundation

We would like to thank you for the professionalism in which this was handled. We have worked with many different vendors and you were are very best. I don’t doubt that we will be using your services from this point on. Definitely someone worth referring . We commend you on a job well done. Everything was perfect.  Y.A. - Realtor

Cliff, you truly are magnificent! Thank you for your help and the hustle:-) M.L. - University
The flashlights look great!! Thanks so much!! P.C. - Asset Management Co
Everyone loves the paperweights!  They are awesome!  Thanks.  L.H. - University
The thermoses came out great and the staff loved them. Jessica - Asset Management Co
Hi Cliff, We just got the paper clips and they look great! Thanks so much for getting those over to us so quickly. K.C. - Yacht Broker

Thanks Cliff!  We got the bottled water.  It looks great. Barbara - A/C Manufacturer

The glasses were received yesterday afternoon, Cliff. They look great! Thanks! Melanie - University

We absolutely loved cups and napkins! Thank you! Marcy - Property Manager

We just got the koozies, they look great! Thanks so much for getting them done so quickly. K.C. - Yacht Broker

Hi Cliff! They were great! Fans loved both the koozies and the pom poms! Stacy - Mall Marketing

Koozies look great! Thanks!  Melanie - University

We LOVE the coasters! Thank you so much S.H. - Asset Management Co

The pencil sharpeners came out just as we wanted them to. Thanks for the great service! - Heather - Mall Marketing

Yes, we love the lapel pins! Thanks! - S.B. - University

The fans and bracelets came out awesome. Thanks for getting them on time! Debbie - Charity Foundation

The t-shirts came out great. Appreciate your help with this. Michael - Ad Agency

We got the koozies yesterday and they are perfect! Tommy - Marketing Agency

I just now got a chance to look at seed gifts.....They are really cute...I think the mom's will love them. Thanks for your help on this! Maria - Mall Marketing

The pearl earrings look great Cliff, thanks G.M. - Mall Marketing

Just got back to the office - the girls are THRILLED with the outcome and said the chocolates were delicious!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! A.Z. - Title Company

I got the lens cloths!  They are perfect! Randy - Telecom

The highlighters are fantastic, Cliff. Thank you! I appreciate the excellent customer service. Melanie - University

I like the cell phone holders.  Thanks for your help. D.S. - PR Agency

Thank you so much for the recent order. It arrived EXACTLY when you said it would and we LOVE the product!   We appreciate your recommendations and advice and look forward to working with you again because everything was so smooth! J.L. - Medical Office

You are the best. Thank you so much for your quick attention to this order. Pleasure working with you as always. M.F. - PR Agency

Thanks for all your assistance this year on items for our events. We appreciate you working with our deadlines. - G.M. - Mall Marketing

I was just able to see the umbrellas, they look great! Thanks for all of you help! K.C. - Yacht Broker

Hey, the pens looked great. I went by the store on Friday. They were happy to have them for the weekend. Thank you so much! K.G. - Hobby Store

The totes came out perfect.  I love the bottom board so your stuff doesn't fall out! Gwen - Mall Marketing

Got the keychains – awesome! Again! Leslie - University

Yes, the shirts look great! Thank you for your quick turnaround. Have a wonderful day!  L.C. - Chick-Fil-A

Thank you!! The sunglasses look great! Kate - PR Agency

We already got the hand sanitizers and they look terrific! Stacy - Mall Marketing

Cliff! Thank you so much! Everything we have gotten looks GREAT! I love the flash drives and the flyers, and I am sure that the fans will look wonderful when they get here too. Gwen - Mall Marketing

Hi Cliff, The Mousepads, Keychains and Pens look great! Everyone loves the new branding and can’t wait to order more promotional items. Thanks again, K.G. - Publisher

Much thanks for your patience and great service. You’re a pleasure to work with. Sheryl

Hi Cliff, The fans worked out great! Thanks so much for your help in not only making sure our order was processed quickly under tight time contraints, but for also giving us a great idea within our budget that worked to promote our business to thousands of festival attendees. Great job! We'll definitely be in touch for future promo items. Thanks again, Jamie - Attorney

We have received the pens and notebooks and they are exactly what we expected. Thank you. G.M. - Mall Marketing

Hey Cliff, The final layout looks nice, it's approved. I am so glad that I met you. You have made our event wonderful. Thanks, Ashley - Charitable Foundation

Cliff The shirts are awesome!!! Thank you Jeannie - Construction Company

Cliff, The purse hooks look great! Thank you Carol - Mall Marketing

Cliff - The bandanas look great and saved us quite a bit. Thanks for your diligence. Jeff - Leadership Training

Cliff, I received them yesterday, they look really good, already being distributed to clients. Thanks for the fine work. Claudia - Attorney


Hi Cliff, I just wanted to let you know that I received the scarves, ties and umbrellas. Thank you! I also received the personalized calendar – how cute! Thank you so much! I truly appreciate how quickly these things got here. Enjoy your holidays! - M.A. Real Estate Management

Cliff, Thanks for getting us the personalized blankets! They look great – our team can’t wait to distribute them to our referral sources. Good work! David - Home Health Care

Hi Cliff, Today I'm back in South Florida and got to see the final product. They came out great! The boss was really pleased. Thanks again for your excellent follow up, and being so patient with us. Michelle - PR Agency

Cliff, you are officially “The Man”! The bags just arrived. I am waiting for my bosses to finish their meetings… I hope to be able to show them by 4pm. Thank you so much. Jack - Health Assn.

Cliff - Wow! You are by far the easiest and fastest vendor I have worked with! Thanks Cliff! Susan - Summer Camp

Hi Cliff, The bags, notebooks & pens look great! Thank you, Kal - University

The white cups have arrived. They look great! Leslie - University

Hi Cliff, The golf pouches arrived today, and they look great. Thank you! Tara - Electronics Mfg

Hi Cliff, Got the pens today! As always, they look great! Looking forward to the paperweights! Emily - pharmacy college

Hi Cliff, The umbrellas look beautiful! They arrived on time just like you promised. Thank you. - Leon - University

The lanyards are perfect! Thanks! Lisa - Mall Marketing

Hi Cliff. I just opened all of our deliveries. They turned out very nice! Thank you for expediting this order-We look forward to doing business with you again! Cheryl - Mall Marketing

Cliff, The cards were great, thanks for your assistance. Have a Happy Holiday!!! Jennifer - University

Hey Cliff, Got the pens and they look fabulous! Thanks! Emily - Pharmacy College

Hi Cliff- The towels were just perfect – thank you. I just received the invoice – will put it in for payment. Wanda - Home Health Care

So the bags arrived while I was away for the weekend. They look AWESOME. Thanks again for all the work that you’d done on these and for your patience with all the back-and-forth. They really came out great. I hope you kept one for yourself! Let me know if I should send you one! Kristine -National restaurant chain

Thank you for the rush on the binders and bags! You are the BEST! Looking forward to seeing them. Nell - University

Great, we love the ball markers. Thanks! Andy - Cargo Service

Cliff: We got the notepads on Monday. Looking forward to the other deliveries. Thanks very much for your prompt service. - Pat - Financial Planner

The ribbon looked great! It was a cute addition for valentine’s day. Thanks so much they turned out so nice. Kristine - National restaurant chain

Thanks so much Cliff - It's great to do business with companies that are so customer oriented. Susan - Building Materials Distributor

Love them---thanks so much—I meant to tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kristen - National restaurant chain

Hi Cliff, Thanks a lot. I got them. They look great. - Allisa - University

Cliff Yes, I am sorry I didn’t email you to tell you. They came out perfect, better than I expected! Thanks, Jen - University

Cliff, You are Very Cool! Thank you! - G.R.

Hi Cliff: The t-shirts came out great, exactly how we wanted them! Thanks for your follow-up, I look forward to working with you again in the near future. Thanks again, - D.C.

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